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About Us

Medical Volunteers Organization (MVO) is a dedicated non-profit organization committed to providing essential medical care and support in various regions across Africa. Founded in 2020, our mission is to improve healthcare accessibility, promote public health education, and contribute to sustainable development in underserved communities.

Our Team :
Our team comprises dedicated healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, public health specialists and other professionals . Their expertise and commitment drive our mission forward, ensuring that our programs are impactful and sustainable.

Volunteer Engagement :
Volunteers are at the heart of MVO. We welcome individuals who share our passion for community health and are willing to contribute their skills and time to make a positive difference. Together, we work towards building stronger and healthier communities across Africa.

Activities and Programs :

  • Medical Missions : Conduct regular missions where volunteers provide essential medical care, including consultations, treatments, and health screenings.
  • Health Education : Organize workshops and training sessions on topics such as disease prevention, maternal and child health, nutrition, and hygiene.
  • Infrastructure Development : Collaborate with local partners to improve healthcare facilities and ensure sustainable access to medical services.
  • Advocacy Initiatives : Partner with stakeholders to advocate for policies that promote healthcare equity and address public health challenges.
  • Research and Innovation : Conduct research to develop evidence-based solutions and innovative approaches to healthcare delivery in resource-limited settings.

Impact and Sustainability :

MVO measures its success by the tangible improvements in health outcomes and community resilience. Through sustainable practices and continuous evaluation, we strive to create lasting impact and empower communities to lead healthier lives.


To reach out to the most vulnerable population in the community.

Encouraging health professionals to volunteer.

Mission statement

As a local non-profit organization, our mission is to provide healthcare services to the most vulnerable people in the community and to provide a platform for all healthcare providers who want to give back to the community.

Vision statement

We envision a healthy, innovative, empowered and prosperous community in a safe and secure environment.

We seek to undertake activities in the areas of ; health, education, environment and social-economic development. Having a healthy population is a critical ingredient in the complex milieu of development of families, community and the nation.

Our values

Respect to all
Caring culture
Impact : we are accountable to our mission and delivering a public benefit
Integrity : we are driven by the desire to do the right thing
Inspiration : we are motivated by the joy of giving and spreading it.

Our uniqueness

What differentiates us from the other NGO in the same area ?
We are the inspiration to the healthcare professionals and the community at large to reach out to the vulnerable that would otherwise not be able to get such healthcare services by providing a platform for them to do so.