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Why Volunteering is important


Volunteering can provide a healthy boost, self-confidence, self-esteem and life satisfaction ; when you volunteer you do good for others and the community which provides a sense of accomplishment.

The following are the benefits of volunteering to the community and to the volunteers :

Benefits for the community

- Raising awareness through specific messaging campaigns about different health issues and how to address them.
- Information (what to do or where to go when you have which problem)
- Preventive screening, early detection of chronic diseases
- Curative benefit on some illness, better knowledge on the management of the chronic ones in the community, and rehabilitation.
- Improved social economic status
- Reducing healthcare costs by the medical volunteers providing healthcare services at zero cost.
- Better quality of life
- Sustainability through the capacity building of healthcare providers
- Community-clinical linkage ; the medical volunteers are the stepping stone between the targeted population and the health care system
- Continuity of care through the facilitation of communication between the beneficiaries and the healthcare system.

Benefits for the volunteers

- Mental health improvement through social interaction ; volunteering spread a smile to both volunteers and those in needs
- Volunteering enhances their own skills and works satisfaction
- Volunteering provides a sense of purpose
- Exchange with other global healthcare providers

Our services to the community

- Preventive activities
- Curative activities
- Promotional activities